Garbled (EN)

a side apartment in the same building. The yard was large, with households. buildings, a restroom in the depths, also stone and for some reason not enclosed. The house where we lived and another Jewish family was located in the back of the courtyard with windows to the restroom, and it was interesting for us to look into them. The porch of our house, and the passage, were planks and skewed. The house was low but spacious. I remember a large kitchen with a Russian stove, a long kitchen table with q stools, a large dining room also with a long table covered with oilcloth and a hanging kerosene lamp. Along the walls were old lordly furniture - a mirror, a bookcase and a bed, and 2 bedrooms, one after the other, one of which was a girl’s. The fact is that in the hungry year 20, the family of my mother’s cousin came to us from Saratov - her husband and 2 girls Masha and China. Their mother died there of tuberculosis. They settled in with us temporarily and the girls, several years older than me, slept with me in this bedroom. The girls’ father left to get a job. So now they say, and more honestly I went to Minsk to buy and sell something at a higher price, i.e. make money. These were the years of banditry. On the way back, the entire loaded horse train with goods was surrounded by byndits, who tied all the living to a tree, doused them with kerosene and set them on fire. So Isaac, the father of Masha and Nina Guityk, died. And the girls stayed with us forever. For some reason, my father called our bedroom “leg - koge”. This is what - n, pz of the Talmud. In the other bedroom there were boys ‘beds, there was a n’ “pppka where all our clothes, washed in the evening by my mother, were dried, and in the morning they were dressed clean. I also remember a fire in the city center for a long time.” In those hard, half-starved years, my grandfather fed tolerably well and, as they say, she did not know the need. My mother lived on Sadovaya Street, the former street of the rich, and after the fire only the synagogue and 2 houses on one side remained intact. Everything else was ashes. I remember the beautiful, high, stone porch - the front door of the master’s house. Behind it is a long corridor of a beautiful house with large windows to the street. In my memory, in this ii, how did the power change, which I don’t think of even now, opshi Poles, White Guards, Bolsheviks, etc. I remember that the father of Ippoipp was in the burned houses, and I ran after him, and he threatened, h,., Pd and uyiga. I was probably about 10 years old. I studied at the RKKN school, and went there at the age of 6 to the preparatory class. I and Milkakh was a teacher in the first or second grade, and I went to her - I could not understand why I was not allowed to go there, where the customs house was located and I remember a certain Smirnov - an employee! in ,. I remember myself in a big knitted sweater, my mother’s, and I remember that this customs. We, the children and the youth of the neighborhood, jumped to and fro at night. jumped up. I also remember - I reached the bazaar and hung around on this porch and gnawed sunflower seeds. Ppniruyaish, chggi forgot my notebook. I returned home, and on the way I was probably this house was confiscated, and the owners of the Wolfsons lived at 22

23 were arrested, it seems, by Germans or Poles. From early childhood I remember - psya roll - this is a swear word in Polish. I also remember - my mother gave birth and she had a baby. As I remember now - I lay down on her and sucked all the pus off her - I sucked and spat into a bowl. I also remember - I woke up at night from my mother’s crying, so hysterical. I jumped up and went into the hall. Dad, mom and a stranger young man, it seems - Isrol Tsukovich (my cousin). Something mom was complaining about dad. I stood near my mother and, as it were, protected her. In my memory, more clearly - my political activity. Club them. the writer Peretz. Stone two-storey house, downstairs binding workshop. Meetings with reports, circles, performances. There were talented singers, dancing in paper costumes. They put on a fairy tale - how a girl fell asleep and she dreams of flowers that sing and dance. And so, I am sleeping in the role of a girl, and the flowers have not yet finished their role, and I woke up ahead of time and was embarrassed. For a long time I could not recover from shame. I was active in labor affairs and was elected chairman of the sanitary commission. The club’s assets were Sara Rabinovich, Movshovich (Fani Iosifovna’s husband). They loved Polina very much, she was the chairman of the club’s board. NEP has come. ’ My father opened a haberdashery shop and trade in trifles. The need did not go away, but he had to live. I was a pioneer and at the meeting I wrote resolutions - "The meeting of young pioneers, having listened to it … states … …> ‘. My social status was very embarrassing for me, although it was forbidden to do anything to me for being active - I had to rest, pray to God. my dad and especially mom were believers, but in public we must observe. The synagogue was next to our house, enclosed by a high wooden fence. In the 4th courtyard, we always played hide and seek. Men put on a tales (white blanket), put on belts on their foreheads and fingers, and prayed with their backs to the wall. I don’t know the prayers, but I understand - they thanked and asked. Women took the places of the gallery, covered their heads with headscarves. I remember that singers came from time to time, and then all the Jewish people poured into the synagogue. Saturday was a very reasonable holiday, except for rest, it gave a person a reasonable relaxation. On the eve they swam, put on everything clean, festive, their shoes shone, slept, ate, went to visit, and rested during the day until deep Saturday darkness. A special holiday was Easter - Passover. They prepared for it carefully. Y my mother in the attic, packed in boxes, was waiting for a piece set of dishes - Easter. The whole house was transformed. Everything ordinary was shaken out, swept out, pulled out. Everything old was called chametz, bad for Easter. We washed, scraped, glued, painted. After the winter frames were exposed, my duties were to wash the windows, update the hanging lamp with colored tissue paper and thoroughly wash the floors. Mom washed and starch the laundry. Sewing something new for everyone. Matzah was bought from white flour, and for hungry whiskers - from black. I remember a dark, hard matzo that did not bite. without soaking, and we baked it at home ourselves - at home, i.e. condescending. I was carrying paper, cardboard, boxes from the shop - everything, everything for my club. He was dearer to me at home and … relatives, especially my father. In his face, I saw our class enemy. They helped a friend lie. Matzah was placed in large wicker Ii q ipshi and covered with a white sheet. She was tempted to eat long i opica, but it was forbidden. They put the baskets in our girls’ room, and Mtikhoiho at night … crunched. Mom made all sorts of sieve bread from matzo on Easter, Y dad had a sick stomach and he bought TOey - dumplings (kneydlah), jackdaws. I remember - seider, i.e. sieve itself. Evening. He sits at the table in the hall and neatly cuts yk at the table. White tablecloth, in decanters red homemade sieve crust. We, children, observe and then pounce on niipp. Each case (glass), a large glass with amber - them. Dad pours trifles on the table and counts - he sorts the coin kisch sawing for HIM - God. All smart, cheerful, waiting. Coin. 11, ri ipim, I3 - year old, asks kates (questions) - chanting, Mom on Thursday peels a lot of carrots for tsimes. Friday. IL, 'I sings too. Why - the story of how the Jews are heated by the Russian stove and their mother cooks for two days - tsimes, jellied meat, Hum ii ll poly, how they lived without bread and had to bake matzo, cholna, intestine - all this is put in a hot oven for the night and with appetite i, i.ii, .i came for HIM, so that he would be eaten with everyone on Saturday afternoon, Friday evening. Celebration. 24 Nothing misleading. On a chair near his father, under pillow 25, lies a hidden matzo - a 13-year-old must find it. Will he find it? Everything is funny, but joyful and comfortable. Spurred, flushed, in a festive costume - the owner, the father of a large family. Mom - always busy, anxious - today is the queen, the mistress, the mother of a large family. She divides the chicken for everyone so that it doesn’t hurt. Everyone deserves it. Father - a strong shelf - he holds the family on his shoulders, girls - the wings - they will have to fly away, and she leaves herself … nothing - ass. My good mother, I even forgot her face. What else do I remember about Slutsk? I am a pioneer, then a pioneer - Komsomol member. Despite my non-proletarian origin, they trust me. I march in formation with a staff under my arm. We sing - Curzon wanted fish, Curzon flew into the sea. Eh Pilsudski, eh Pilsudski, eh. After the meetings, we enthusiastically sing the International8. We go home in flocks, in boots through deep snow, in an old coat. We do not go, but we run, and for a long time then we warm up our frozen fingers and, with great appetite and greed, we eat tasty, frozen potatoes, washed down with cucumber pickle. We organized May Day in the forest, away from people. With a sinking heart, worried, I run from one messenger to another, I repeat the password on the way, and it is already night in the yard, and I must not get lost and be in time for the fire in time. A fire is burning, potatoes are being baked, which will be our dinner, and we sing in one voice - oh potatoes, overeating, denier, denier, ideal for pioneers, al, al, he does not know pleasure, day, day, who did not hand over the potatoes. Oh, you are a sweet potato, a tooshka, a tooshka … Glory to our Belarusian potatoes! What would we do without her? We studied the most delicious Polinochka in the same class. She was very sweet. Swarthy, with a little fluff on her delicate skin, she was the youngest in the family. The elder Aug was already making a living from y strangers. Sarochka is a fiery revolutionary, she was the instigator in the Pereda club and observed: honestly, all the laws of our pioneers and then the Komsomol. She was principled in everything and jealously followed our, sometimes childish pranks, deviations from the norm, “no, Sarah Rabinovich is coming.” Boris, their brother, was the pride of the family, and he was rarely at home. Somewhere in the town he had his fiancée Tsilya. A house near the synagogue, across the river, a house on chicken legs. The rooms are tiny with little low windows looking into a large entrance courtyard. In the back room my father - almost always lay and prayed. Mother was a small and inconspicuous, quiet woman. I heard from my mother - I need to collect for them - this means that there is no bread at home, there is nothing to live on, to feed. Then I no longer remember the house, but an elongated room where they lived without their parents (dad and mom died). I hung around with them, I remember they considered me a giggle, they hung around with love, but condescending. Anya had already worked somewhere; G Iola and Sarah were still studying. Finally, I remember the lordly apartment on Proletarskaya Street. This apartment was confiscated from the revolutionaries of the rich and given to Boris for use. () The house of the former owners has been preserved, Boris is driving around somewhere, Tsilya has not moved, and Polina and I are running around the rooms, walking around Proletarskaya back and forth with everyone, like real flqs and run to the club, to our dear and beloved club, to whom we are all the warmth of our hearts. I remember the dishes - both baked, and potatoes, teihouses, and did we go to school? Yes! I remember the school - Jewish and real. fried onions, ac pickle, it was incomparable. Y my 'nn ip. mathematics - Broide. Rusk, a gloomy man of about 45 years old. Lyova’s brother had a good appetite, and he was able to eat the whole II and III grade quickly and starts. The class is dead quiet. I am a cast iron of potatoes with an enameled half-liter mug of brine, a,.,. Sia M that thought and lost the thread of explanation. I had a big belly - we slapped him on the belly and called him I ‘HIllIlK’), and, finally, joy - I understood the theorem. The teacher is a “potato”. And his ribs were easy to count and he was all thin, She wrote well essays and everything, however, on the topic - the revolution and Lenin. They were given to me. I remember the history of history9, they paid a lot of attention to it. My brother Abram, 2 years older than me, could not learn it in any way, and so my mother made me learn dialectical science with him10. I remember - quantity turns into quality, etc. Before my eyes - the evening of January 22, 1924. The whole family is fully assembled. We had supper. lit the lamp. It is still noisy, and the guys run around the table and play hide and seek. Aunt Manka came and told everyone the latest news. Lenin is dead! Everyone was on guard, the kids fell silent. What will happen? Who will replace him? How will life go on? I ran to the club. It was mourning and we gathered in groups and prepared for the gathering. Mogilevsky’s mourning speech is to study, the oath of the Leninists and tears. he received a lot of attention. My brother Abram, 2 years older than me, could not learn it in any way, and so my mother made me learn dialectical science with him10. I remember - quantity turns into quality, etc. Before my eyes - the evening of January 22, 1924. The whole family is fully assembled. We had supper. lit the lamp. It is still noisy, and the guys run around the table and play hide and seek. Aunt Manka came and told everyone the latest news. Lenin is dead! Everyone was on guard, the kids fell silent. What will happen? Who will replace him? How will life go on? I ran to the club. It was mourning and we gathered in groups and prepared for the gathering. Mogilevsky’s mourning speech is to study, the oath of the Leninists and tears. he received a lot of attention. My brother Abram, 2 years older than me, could not learn it in any way, and so my mother made me learn dialectical science with him10. I remember - quantity turns into quality, etc. Before my eyes - the evening of January 22, 1924. The whole family is fully assembled. We had supper. lit the lamp. It is still noisy, and the guys run around the table and play hide and seek. Aunt Manka came and told everyone the latest news. Lenin is dead! Everyone was on guard, the kids fell silent. What will happen? Who will replace him? How will life go on? I ran to the club. It was mourning and we gathered in groups and prepared for the gathering. Mogilevsky’s mourning speech is to study, the oath of the Leninists and tears. The whole family is fully assembled. We had supper. lit the lamp. It is still noisy, and the guys run around the table and play hide and seek. Aunt Manka came and told everyone the latest news. Lenin is dead! Everyone was on guard, the kids fell silent. What will happen? Who will replace him? How will life go on? I ran to the club. It was mourning and we gathered in groups and prepared for the gathering. Mogilevsky’s mourning speech is to study, the oath of the Leninists and tears. The whole family is fully assembled. We had supper. lit the lamp. It is still noisy, and the guys run around the table and play hide and seek. Aunt Manka came and told everyone the latest news. Lenin is dead! Everyone was on guard, the kids fell silent. What will happen? Who will replace him? How will life go on? I ran to the club. It was mourning and we gathered in groups and prepared for the gathering. Mogilevsky’s mourning speech is to study, the oath of the Leninists and tears.

The last thing I remember about my mother’s house is my father’s departure. We are all sitting on a cart, dad, mom and we are 5 children. The daughter is 4-5 years old. I am already a young lady, I am a little ashamed to go in a cart, but I understand that I have to be with my mother, with the children, and we are going far to the station, along the entire Proletarskaya Street, past our club. Several other men are traveling with dad. They go from Russia to Mexico, but mom and we stay. Dad is leaving not from a good life and not because of political convictions, although he does not like the Bolsheviks and calls them a shantrap. In fact, there is nothing to live with, nowhere to work, unemployment is terrible, and dad does not know any trade, and besides, he is drawn to America.On the eve of his departure, his mother combed her hair y the mirror, and I went up and stood beside her. I remember - she ran her hand through my curly hair and said - my daughter, may you live better than me. " The train left and took our dad away. The next year, several more families went to Mexico, and Dad ordered to send Abram with them, which Mom did. He did not want to study, there was nowhere to work, and there dad lived alone and he needed to help him earn money. 4 Our family before the departure of the Pope, 1925 r. I i OM time I had to go to live with my grandfather, and I or my mother to visit. Grandfather sometimes sent her a little bit of flour, then where he came from as a young guy in order to get married and now I’H mpi1 or money, and she herself sewed on strangers - a master now, burdened with a family, unsettled, he hopes to find there i I used to be and did not earn much. The children grew up, and together with their happiness. They are not allowed there and you can go to Mexico, which NIMI N ryeho) near. And here it is - going there, and then earning money and taking my food to her. a year of life in Slutsk, in the city, where I was born and my wife and children. He dreamed that he would live frugally, that my parents would be welcome, or maybe my grandparents, that he was economical in everything, would hang sausage to look at her, and would not be happy. I saw that I was getting ready to go out into the big life, I would eat bread with water, as he told us everyone is doing, # 10 pshi M n.rn ipdo na myself. It is necessary to gnaw the granite of science, to respect which people want to go out. The mother is crying quietly, but in fact the situation is desperate for the children and the children and be sure to join the Komsomol. Rides not one fell and it calms. 28 29 - deserve it. One winter morning a bitter mouth came into the house. Grandfather’s son, beloved and only, handsome and talented, worker - an inspector of the Belarusian People’s Commissariat for Education in Minsk - committed suicide - he hanged himself on a towel in his room. It was difficult to look for reasons, but grandfather’s grief knew no bounds. He cut all his clothes on, sent his gray head in ashes, sat on the floor and cried. My mom and Aunt Malka got sick. His wife and daughter Genya lived in Moscow. Malka graduated from the Academy. Krupskaya in Moscow and was appointed inspector of the Narobraz in Bobruisk. Her fiance cheated on her - he married her friend. By this time, Faivel Harak appeared, who Malku loved very much, was a good, calm person, but could not extinguish the fire of suffering in Malka’s soul. Faivel moved into my grandfather’s apartment to stay with him when I leave to study in Moscow. So, the last few months we lived together, and I had more time to study. Mom made me a pair of cotton dresses and one combined woolen dress. Everything else was old, but patched, clean and quite decent for a trip to Moscow. My grandfather saved 25 rubles for me, it was enough for a ticket and, as they say, carried it for food. During the first winter holidays, and they were very short for me, I did not go to my mother’s home, but … to some place near Minsk. Dveira Ostrovskaya lived there, HIS older sister, who also graduated from the Minsk Jewish Pedagogical College and worked there as a teacher. Why did I go there? I remember with bitterness. HE did not write a single letter to me and I, of course, out of pride, too, and I did not know his address and his fate. Someone wrote to me that Dweira is already working, and I went to find out something about him. It seems to me that I did not even ask about him and in general there was no question about him. Maybe I drove home, it was close, it was erased from my memory. 1 for about a month, and then we will see. The summer was warm and my soul was happy. I’m going to Moscow. How many have already heard about Moscow, and I will live there while y Aunt Yenta, and then I will enter, y I will, of course, have a hostel. Study, study and study - we knew Lenin’s words by heart. And HE is next to me. During the day I have no time, but in the evening we walk until the roosters. In the cemetery, which is close to our house. He kisses me, swears that he loves me always and forever, that we will definitely meet. He goes to study in Odessa in a theater studio - he quits the pedagogical college. I leave for Moscow, 1926. The last whistle. My large wicker basket, where my mother put my feather bed (how can I sleep without a feather bed), they immerse me in the story of my first, bitter love, I will tell you - the compartment is in my place, everyone comes out, waving, my mother cries, we say goodbye, Mri detti h Actually, their mother was also once young and we meet eyes, and I’m going. I feel the pocket on my chest with my hand, Mm it was accidentally worn out after 9 years. I gave birth to Nusenka and where my mother sewed up my capital and attached a ticket so that she would get lost at 1itebsk and on the eve of May 1, 1935. I am going to Moscow.r 1gird0idzhan to my husband, who was gladly waiting for me c I went to my hometown and as a child my beloved city Slutsk in the city with a friend from Slutsk - Mnukha and suddenly never returned. I didn’t have to. Life picked me up and, 30 • the tour of the Odessa Jewish Drama Theater. 31 Theater artists and his surname are participating. I say, let’s go, see and see him. I came home, I talk and laugh - I will see my first love. Faivel, Malka’s husband, went to the theater with us. We calmly watched the first act, but we did not recognize it anywhere and in anyone. I say - let’s go and look for him, it’s interesting, after all. I didn’t dare a Mnukha went backstage and returned with him. My legs gave way, my speech stopped, I stood and looked stupidly at my feet, and he said something to me, and I was glad to call - they went to their places, I feel warm breath behind my back and his hand in the darkness lay on my shoulder … I sat quietly, but I did not see or hear anything from what was happening on the stage. When the second act ended, he took my hand and led me. A pregnant woman was sitting on a chair - I could not see her face, because did not look at her. He pushed me to her and said - Tanya, and this is my Tanya, about whom I told you a lot. I don’t remember what we talked about, but I had a terrible feeling, I cursed myself for everything. Fool, fool! We walked home and laughed, most of all I was at myself, and came and told Malka laughing, laughing. She says - well, you, go quickly to your Joseph, or else Malk. A few words about him. He was an old bachelor. He married late to the also middle-aged Pastron - the cousin of Samuel and Chaya Pastron, i.e. Gena’s aunt. A couple of legends were told about them. When Slutsk was occupied by the Germans and all the Jews were exterminated, he continued to work in the same pharmacy - the Germans needed him as a specialist and did not touch him. When he felt or, perhaps, prompted that an action was being prepared for him, he gave poison to all his household and himself, including the whole family - old aunt Yakhna, his wife, three children, and he himself were poisoned, and so way, did not give themselves to the destruction of the Germans. Another daughter of Aunt Yakhna (I never knew her) married a Russian (which was considered a terrible sin) and went with him to Penza, where Malka and her husband and children met her at the beginning of the war, in evacuation. Enta Moiseevna is a cousin of my mother and Malka. She was born and raised in Obruisk, and I met her in Moscow, and made friends afterwards, when we lived in Velikiye Luki, and Klara went to Leningrad to study. Grandma Song died of kidney disease when I was 6-7 years old. do something stupid. It was May 3 - we left in the evening, I think she was sick in bed in the spring. She probably was ill for a long time, because to be in Moscow in the morning. There were a lot of things to do, Nysenka was fighting and going out into the street. She called me over and asked - the river has already been a month. Not a boy, but a doll. Round, naked, smiling and loved by everyone. He showed up early in the morning. I was in a robe and getting ready to bathe, wash and pack. The whole family greeted him cheerfully, and I said calmly (everything went away) that I was in trouble all day and in vain he came so early. " and jav inEaimia. He called me “daughter” and will never write loudly about her yet. My grandfather went to live with her in Vitebsk, and I have another 00 Me. They had 11 children, but only four grew up. I saw him once and was with him in 1932, when I first arrived OUIIRO YEARS We were dying early because of various diseases. My mom is with my dad (Joseph) from Birobidzhan. I told the fate of her younger brother. He ran away from home. In Slutsk, my grandfather’s sister, Aunt Yakhna, lived in Slutsk. He served in the Navy and never returned home. son Chaim - Yudl. Aunt Yakhna was an energetic woman emi $ tsp’i (Mikhail), I already wrote. kept a grain shop and managed. Her son Haim Yudl was in love with some simple guy and this was not a pharmacist and served in the Gipchin pharmacy. Big - looks like M "husband uv pogo ps gave out. She stayed up, as they say, in 32 33 I girls. And then a handsome man with a mustache, curly, redhead came from America, and they married her. She told me that she wanted love, and she hoped that she would, and the father was from a different test. The man, of course, is honest, decent, but he did not understand my mother’s romance, although he was faithful to her all his life. My father is a small town, his father Lev died early, leaving his mother and children alone, and all the elders departed for America and Poland. My father lived in Slutsk with his family (he returned from Mississippi around 1905–8), his sister Lyubke was the mother of Bronya and Grisha from Leningrad, and in the dacha Urechye near Slutsk there was another sister Etl, the mother of Musya and Ani Reznik. Haya’s old grandmother lived with us for several years, and I remember her chest with balls of multicolored threads - she The man, of course, is honest, decent, but he did not understand my mother’s romance, although he was faithful to her all his life. My father is a small town, his father Lev died early, leaving his mother and children alone, and all the elders departed for America and Poland. My father lived in Slutsk with his family (he returned from Mississippi around 1905–8), his sister Lyubke was the mother of Bronya and Grisha from Leningrad, and in the dacha Urechye near Slutsk there was another sister Etl, the mother of Musya and Ani Reznik. Haya’s old grandmother lived with us for several years, and I remember her chest with balls of multicolored threads - she The man, of course, is honest, decent, but he did not understand my mother’s romance, although he was faithful to her all his life. My father is a small town, his father Lev died early, leaving his mother and children alone, and all the elders departed for America and Poland. My father lived in Slutsk with his family (he returned from Mississippi around 1905-8), his sister Lyubke was the mother of Bronya and Grisha from Leningrad, and in the dacha Urechye near Slutsk there was another sister Etl, the mother of Musya and Ani Reznik. Haya’s old grandmother lived with us for several years, and I remember her chest with balls of multicolored threads - she his sister Lyubke is the mother of Bronya and Grisha from Leningrad, and in the dacha Urechye near Slutsk there is also his sister Etl, the mother of Musya and Ani Reznik. Haya’s old grandmother lived with us for several years, and I remember her chest with balls of multicolored threads - she his sister Lyubke is the mother of Bronya and Grisha from Leningrad, and in the dacha Urechye near Slutsk there is also his sister Etl, the mother of Musya and Ani Reznik. Haya’s old grandmother lived with us for several years, and I remember her chest with balls of multicolored threads - she

Abram was born in April 1909. Taiba in June 1911 Leib in August 1914. Mikhl in November 1917. Dweira in August 1921, the famine year. Abram finished 7 classes in Slushka, and did not study in Mexico, he helped his dad. He married for the first time and had 2 children, Nohem and Pesya, for the second time - 3 children. The label in Mexico finished school, married a Mexican Chelo and n chalk 6 children - Lucy, Shifra, Pesya, Moses, Lazar, Ida. Mikhail had a son Albert (he died at the age of 13 from Botkin’s disease) and a daughter Sylvia, born in 1956. always knitted. I don’t remember when she left us, or maybe My grandfather on the father’s side Mostkov Leiba, Khaya’s grandmother. be dead. I do not remember. We loved Aunt Etl from Urechye very much. For "with the father’s brothers and sisters, their children and grandchildren live in the USA. It was a joy for us children to go to Urechye in the summer. Uncle Samuil Reznik Grandfather from mother’s side Borukhovich Nakhman, grandmother Pesya. Was an employee at the railway station Urechye. - was in charge of fuel, I lived with my mother for many years, I knew and loved her younger sister Mayaka, a state-owned large wooden house. There was a tank in the yard c1gorukhovich, she married Faivel Harakh, they had children - kerosene and it was very nice and cool during the summer heat, cousins ​​Misha and Polya (Pesya). Now all of them lie there. My aunt sent us with a hammock to the forest and gave us R N with her, children and grandchildren live in the USA and Israel. a bag of provisions. I remember very well cheese (gomilka) - Mod mother Shifra Nakhmanovna Borukhovich, was born in Slutsk in cottage cheese dried like a bone. We ate it. There was baking, fruit in 1 year, died in Mexico in August 1962 She had a special talk - bubbling, sonorous and very pleasant Mi 'Lapa Isrol Leibovich Mostkov (Mostkoff) was born in 1880 Uncle Samuel was a good-natured person and liked to joke with us. II Gu Point Island, died in Mexico in 1956. I remember! Morning. Everyone is already on our feet, and we are sleeping, walking until late. I Jonronones in Mexico City at the Jewish cemetery. Ah, those Belarusian summer, odorous nights! Is it possible to go to bed early at 12-13 years old? I covered myself with a blanket and wrestle with a nap. Uncle stands facing the wall in a tales and belts and prays, humming …, tickles my heels with his fingers, and I choke with laughter. Lev Reznik had already fallen in love with girls, and Hanele was still sucking her lip, and we teased, we didn’t want to take them to the forest with us. The grass is high, high soft. You fall on her, arms outstretched, and she covers you o the sun. Sleep. Sleep sweetly, sweetly. I remember the house of Uncle David, Aunt Lipke. They processed animal skins and their warehouses were cool and damp. They lived on Bolotnaya Street and the masonry whistled when we walked towards them. I remember the departure of their daughter Luba Poland, was a beauty (this is the mother of Hanele from New York). Y my parents had 5 children. 34 35 Moscow 1926-1930-1931 Everything is like a dream. Farewell, farewell, farewell. The main thing is the order - be sure to take a cabman at the station, and a trifle was separately postponed for this. A half-empty carriage, a wooden shelf, and me with a huge but soft wicker basket in one hand and a bag of provisions in the other. The memory of her swayed and remained for me for life. By the way, all my life I’ve been lucky to have good people. The next day, she took me with her to the center, and we got on the bus. They were small buses with spring seats. I sat down and fell through and laughed out loud. Everyone turned around and I said - “you sit and drive!” I remember Moscow in 1926. Yeseninschina. A man and a woman, naked, boarded the bus. They talked a lot about suicide. Okhotny Ryad - reads where everyone was hunted. We bought 2 bags of charcoal, and it started, went, then everything ran and I went. For the first time in "m we heated and cooked food. We went to the museum of graceful long road, even to Moscow, and alone and for a long time, or maybe the arts. Then I began to walk myself to Zubovskaya Square, forever. I went by train several times to her aunt Etl (mother Kropotkinskaya street through Petrovka, to the Myasnitsky gate. There, Reznik Soapy and Ani) to the Urechye station, which is 20-30 km away from us, but 1, iChistye prudy, lived Pastrons. 2 large rooms, but residents there will be no further changes. Now there will be transfers, two or three, .pp \ (there were a lot of abuses. My aunt Khaya managed to get married and together with the main one in Minsk - the largest, largest city in Belarus, oiii shorny Yessey and Geneya lived in the same room , Tanya, Samuel and whom I heard a lot. Was I afraid? Not. I remember how I was on • 1, Ipt with my husband on another. I was unwanted by them, but I was not kicked out either, I got into a cab at the Belorussky railway station in Moscow and, ln pdila. I have to go somewhere. Fastened with belt styling. The coachman is huge. Tied up I IcdIJisko from them was located the Bauman Technical School. with a bright sash, takes my basket next to him and takes me on. I learned that it is difficult to enter. But I started with him. Submitted to the address. I am not in the least afraid of anyone. The horse jogs, clinks, and passed the exams well, even good in mathematics. clatter of hooves on stones, and here we stopped. We arrived, those accepted, who then hung in the courtyard of the school, my get off. It turned out - there were 10 applications per seat, and • This is close, B. Pirogovskaya, from the Belorussky railway station. Everything, I IpiMdpp ii first of all children of workers and peasants, and I was here. A large, white, corner, manor house with some kind of tower, „i p, Ngrki dsdy, i.e. employee. From the side of the alley, the front door with a bell. There he left me1’Ev19rotiil, I came home and found Aunt Yentu a cab driver there. I knock on the door. Shyly, then bolder and more. Nobody▶wow. Oli was unhappy. They sent me without her consent. I leave the basket and turn the corner. Yes - baby salads were prod. The fact is that EM in our family Front garden and children run around. A passer-by woman understands that she’s been puffing, She lived all the years alone, got used to a strict provincial and says to me - they’ll steal a basket like that, it’s been great. In general, she realized that Moscow owes me. It is necessary to call, but not to knock. I run for the basket and already look to get away from me. In the People’s Commissariat for Education, she was through the bars and looking through the eyes of adults. I scream. A pretty middle-aged woman came up to me from II, 'pggooali enroll in an agricultural pretty woman of middle age and I explain to her who and why they are small and most importantly they feed when they work. I’m here. She shrugs her shoulders and regrets - Enta Moiseevna seimAUMMumon ’ For 2-3 weeks she went to work in the greenhouses and lives in Leningrad, her room is locked. Probably, by the expressed MORAMI E times a day. In the morning and in the evening it was on my face, she understood everything - I had nowhere to go. The gate opened with some tea, and in the afternoon a vegetable lunch, she said enough to me - don’t be afraid, I won’t leave you on the street, you will live with me until your aunt arrives. She lived for a long time, no matter how long she didn’t, that is, they didn’t accept it, but if 7 36 MrM would be accepted. While I was working and passing 37 exams, I got used to it and began to speak better Russian (I knew the Belarusian language) and we, the candidates, moved to study at a seed-growing technical school near Moscow at Bitsa station, where we were taken without exams. We worked there and studied, went to Moscow to visit - is there a place. Finally, in January, I was admitted to the Timiryazev Moscow Gardening and Gardening College, and I became a real student. I went to EM for a basket. I remember the steps along which I went down, accompanied by her, into the street. She told me - goodbye - and I wanted to kiss her, but she turned away. I never went there again. There were 7 girls and 19 men in the group. Most of all there were men over 20, and even over 30 years. They were from the ShKM (school of peasant youth) from the villages of Orel, Ryazan and other Russian corners. There were few urbanites. I studied well because prepared better than others. There were three of us Jews - me, Efim Bretner and Rita Magidina. I made friends with Ksenisy Andreeva, and I want to talk about her, and we had breakfast there for free. Usually we worked in the first half of the day, came to the classroom hungry, frozen, with wet feet and, when lessons began and we were warming up, we were terribly sleepy. And now evening was coming, and we hunted - where to go. It’s good if it was after receiving a scholarship (we received 14 rubles, of which 8 rubles were given for food). First of all, we bought for 1 ruble. - 100 “transparent” candies - they were called on the trays of “Mosselprom” and sucked them endlessly. One candy could be sucked all day. We went to the movies. The theater was worse, it was difficult to get in without a ticket. I remember a whole story - how we watched the premiere of “Lyubov Yarovaya” with the participation, it seems, of Vera Pashennaya. In the pocket there are 3 dollars. The girls went on foot. And here is the Nikitsky Gate, Okhotny Rztsl and we are in Maly. The play begins and we tumble in and lost tickets. Were, but lost it dear. They believed, and we are on + Ilerks. We sit, watch and laugh. On the way back, gcgluds rumbled, and we decided to get on the tram without a ticket. The car was told in more detail. She was a Chuvash. Her mother brought her to the Volga region during the famine years and left her with her brother to sit on a bench at the Kazan station. They were picked up to the orphanage, where they were, but the closer we got to Kudrinskaya, there were fewer people, and the conductor asked - girls, where are your pipggs? I don’t remember anything. Everyone jumped off on the move, and I fell on being brought up. She never remembered her mother and brother, and she broke her jaw, i.e. dislocated her. I walked for a long time, maybe I did not know about them. She was small, frail, but very iliiinq jaw. smart, one might say - talented. Knew Yesenin by heart, Blok IzzChFN loved Vorovskogo Street. Through her we went to others, and I was very envious of her. She was heartfelt, and all my life, yes, yooooyott and sat there for hours. I got into the habit of one thing with Xenia now I think, why have we never met in our life more? H, we go to the Public Library. You will put on all the best - we lived there intensely, but merrily. Our hostel was vp! flutter, go up the stairs and see all of yourself in a wooden 2-storey building on Kudrinskaya Square, and walked around in the mirror. You sit at a table under a blue glass lampshade early in the morning on foot to the technical school, which was located next to si he ‘gepli, it is pleasant to read, to read, and suddenly the bell rings - already 12 o’clock by the Trekhgornaya manufactory, past the windows of which we passed. Even completely. 4-5 flew by unnoticed Worked in greenhouses, greenhouses, in the field. Our legs were always there, Nipple, we were with Ksenia as cleaners in the workers’ school, which are damp, and we were always freezing, because were poorly dressed. I dreamed about Voroshilov’s wife, I think Ekaterina Ivanovna. Two on a black skirt, white cambric blouse and o sturdy boots, Lelzhpost. Day I, day she. We wore an apron, there was no red hunger. We always chewed something, sometimes rhubarb, sometimes cabbage, MrpA1nru ppgplovu, and swept and washed the floors. The students pestered, carrots, and the stomachs digested everything with pleasure. OM Mri and the wasps gave out that they were also students. We went to the Botanical Garden station, where we worked, we knew how our ogorid, orump of ioirs - lifted a sack of potatoes and carried them easily. At one time we settled down to a dispensary, which was hard! We dreamed about love, about material man-facture. We took care of the flowers, and for this we dreamed 38 and s, because of N once I dreamed of 39 about chocolates - I will work, they will always be in my closet, and I will take them, whenever I want. Several couples stood out - the most successful, they were a little envious. They seemed to be happy, although not all of them survived until the end of the technical school. In my 2nd year I became friends with Grishka Tukhmanov. We went to the movies together, we even once visited his brother. I can’t remember anything romantic, it seems I’ve never kissed, but I was drawn to talk to him, take a walk. Fifth, Valka took it away. Valka of everyday life is energetic, cheerful and easy-going with guys - she changed several in 3-4 years, and in the last year, Professor Edelstein came to her life12 and in her speech he told this parable o6 to Ivan. “They dressed Ivan in a jacket and told him: When you fasten the first button, you will rise to a certain height, fasten the second button, you will rise higher, then even higher, and Ivan shouted - I understood, I understood everything, and began to button up and climb higher and higher, and when he reached the sky and stopped, he did not know how to get down to earth again. “Don’t be Ivan, live on the earth, hold on to the earth!” In the spring of 1929 we were assigned to collectivization. I was sent to the Pronsky district of the Ryazan region. Commune. Early jesia, the snow hasn’t melted yet. I run an agricultural engineering school. For a long suicide, peasants and women are sitting in fur coats, we are driving around the villages, looking Ksenia was withdrawn and outwardly nondescript. Once she told me, ri 'burn. Forges are working, repairing inventory, getting ready. The dining room, says - “Sashka Makarov (25 years old handsome and sang) ii , r sits for free - thick oatmeal jelly, cabbage soup, sour cream was declared to me in love - let me take care of you, and I himti, i, p delicious. Together with me from the Timiryazev Academy she replied there - that I can help you, that you will take care of me? ”You are a tall man, black, apparently by the name of Svinenko. I must say that I was dissatisfied with my appearance in the late afternoon he caught me, wanted to use force. But I’m young. From early spring I was covered with sun from early spring III, I hit him in the face and opened some kind of gate, which freckled my nose all the time, peeling off 10 skins, the sticky scared him away. Soon he disappeared - he was afraid. exposed neck and arms also suffered from the sun. My thick, even I drove around the villages, it seems for conversations, there were musicians with us, very thick, too thick curls fluttering in the wind and I had concerts. For some reason, a lot of people were with failed ones, it seemed that I looked like a witch. I had to make a hat izlmp s ps understood the reasons, then they explained to me - a colored stocking and pull my curls into it. I was poorly dressed, like hereditary syphilis. everything, although I could ask relatives for a good dress, but ps, l, l and sit in a cart with a driver and two women, I wanted to stand out somewhere. I was serious and at the same time laughing. ‘I’ Yurug - Tvtyapa, what nation are you? I am, I say, a Jewess. - I couldn’t laugh - to go in for almost no reason. Once Oyta, you are not at all like them. You are very good. And you kicked me out of class, tk. I could not calm down - stop’mm. iogdp? I asked him. No, he says - heard they laugh. We had a teacher in military affairs - a military man by the name of StoM bpl 11, as it was short, but I felt Once, when we were standing still in the ranks, he said, what if he wanted to finish his studies as soon as possible, to be with people, hard trials and he needed a faithful friend, he was chosen „i, lI, 1111W, in 'come on in the spring they sent me to the next one with whom? Everyone was waiting and suddenly - Mostkov! I blushed and everyone watched iiiIL sh „arrange the early cabbage landing. I was lying about my private household and were mostly letters home, I wrote little and did not miss home, didn’t survive II% of ironic houses, knew agricultural technology, but here they are so it seems to me. l, s • ypppp n '1’OZy ( partnerships in joint Time flew by, we took part in the graduation party of the 1st p rpiomy, We sent senior students to lead them and waited for their turn.Once at graduation 40 41 I remember I came to the village early in the morning in the frost - there was no one on the site. - and no one is going to land - only old women meet me, the young have hidden somewhere. I went to that village for several days in a row. I remember the teahouse. At the tables, the men are drinking tea with saucers with a small lump of sugar on their cheeks. On the tables there is a large porcelain teapot for each. All steamed. And we drank, and the tea was really delicious and the sweetness was pleasant. We were already considered almost agronomists and went to work in organized gardens. I remember the victory! Each was given their own ranks of wild animals, a bunch of cuttings, cut from cultivated varieties of apple trees, into their hand, and they wet the knitting in their belts. With what dignity I, looking at my neighbors - my study friends, special We went together to the consulate somewhere in the center. The fact is that the cipher card - i.e. I also had a visa, and I said that I would not go, I had to finish college. Mom did not mind, and the one who was filling out the documents looked down at me and grinned - I don’t remember what he said, but something offensive to me - like a fool! One night my mother spent the night in my dormitory and I remember me fixing my leaky coat. We all went to Lenin’s mausoleum - my mother looked at Lenin’s face dazed, and when she came out, she said - “My daughter, I don’t want to go there, 11 0 there is no other way for me, if I could work here even as a cleaner - just to earn bread for my children, I would not go, I would be with you. " I made a T-shaped cut on the best part with the budding knife What could I do for her? I still have a year to study in Moscow and the wild, cut off the eye correctly and, straightening the bark of the wild with a knife, the country has unemployment. Father and Abram are already there. Thoughts were about how I planted a hundred under the bark, squeezing my fingers, how then I will finish college and go to Mexico - after all, they are coming to us from blindfold on both sides. The norm was - 1000 pieces per shift.rui of their countries and ours are going, I can go through the Comintern even to the ranks of each of us, they have been making a record, and, according to the acclimatization of the eyes, I do a lot of work. And my mother agreed with me, and poor mother followed the assessment of our progress. My ranks were well awaited for me, that I would come no more and no less as they settled down. Shegsyim ambassador to Mexico. So they told me 40 years later. I was an active Komsomol member. I read newspapers and magazines and conducted 1111 0 11.11 subscription for all courses of the technical school. The last winter school was N I ‘ir’nl traveling by train, and then by steamer to Mexico. I am filled with her immense craving for Moscow cultural life. I went to 111 n "ni, pi1, Only when the train started, and my mother and my children went to all the performances at the Meyerhold Theater1E, to the Hermitage14, to exhibitions. 1 X111 mvkhpt, I saw big tears in my mother’s eyes, my legs were leading, some kind of force was leading, I seemed to say goodbye to everyone, and they got lost, and I sat down, and the train picked up speed and soon disappeared B one of the spring days my name is to the teacher’s room, where the phone is - II, p1 w. I sat down and wiped my face, soaked with tears, with a handkerchief, and wiped one for the entire technical school. I’m runing. Khaya calls - “Tanya, come to us. 11. .11i mi a Seo life. Your mother arrived with children. She is going to her father in Mexico. " I even spent the last summer vacation in Vitebsk; my aunt was scared, but I went straight away. Mom was in Moscow only I. 11 ii I I’tsls was small. We lived in a dacha near the city. a few days, but I remember them and remembered all my life.11 I and 1n Ivel surrounded me with attention and care, and I rested My mother! She was then about 50 years old, but she looked old, 1 and deserted. exhausted she was swarthy, and the children were thin, and Dorochka was a lame school year. We were quickly released, on the eve of our departure I fell and broke my leg. They were dressed for activization, 15 and the country needed personnel for the village, and old overcoats. Mom in a coat made of an overcoat dyed in black r 11 minutes agronomists. We ourselves tried to saturate ourselves with color, the boys were just in greatcoats, only stitched a little n1’K, We understood that we would leave and many of us were not sewn in Moscow. Preparing my mother for departure Bronya - my cousin and i’1 got a ticket to the Mayakovsky Komsomol evening in Leningrad. It was she who put them on, so that she would not be ashamed to cry from pity and from shame - yes, yes, shame. 42 in public. Yai ‘1st Komsomol house. I remember the poorly lit hall, the “stage,” and the big, big, long Mayakovsky. 43 The hall was noisy, and he reads and reads. We, of course, we understand little, and noisy. Shouts - “We do not understand you. He stops and speaks loudly - What don’t you understand? A cloud in pants? You must read carefully and understand! - Why do you travel abroad? - He is silent and raises his head in a lot and speak quietly - Because - And he, rebellious, is looking for a storm, as if there is peace in the storm! I’m going home, and for some reason it’s hard on my soul. After a short time, his cold body lay in the writers’ house on the street. Vorovsky, next to whom we lived, and we went to watch him. For a long time, newspapers with his dying verses lay in my bedside table. "Everything is over! The love boat crashed about everyday life. Comrade government - provide for my mother. " All sorts of conversations were going on, and more undesirable. the desire to do something big fueled more. I went. She told everything about her father, about her mother and about herself. They listened to me attentively and said that I would receive an answer. There were last preparations for the state. exams, repeated the material. Break call. I go down the stairs and see some fresh printed piece of paper on the notice board - a notice. I read and everything started spinning - “To Moetkov TI, as an alien element, exclude from the state school. Free the hostel. " The girls came to the hostel and found me on the bed all in a slack. All were silent. One Xenia said - “You will sleep with me, do not cry and do not give up.” ) Life went on as usual, everyone left early in the morning for classes, and I went to Moscow. Hungry. Went to MOZO, MONO, MO, MOMI 22. We went to the Polytechnic to listen to poets. They went on for a day, a week, a month - everywhere they promised to sort it out, and everywhere Zharov1b, Bezymensky17 and Joseph Utkin18 with Lunacharsky19. “Harmony, refusal. Everywhere I left my tears. I didn’t go to college anymore. the accordion is a dear side, the poetry of the Soviet countryside>. - Zharov. I went late, when everyone was asleep, and got up when everything is already “Oh, Sun, wait, oh please, can’t you see that you the fiery heart of Ilyich stopped “- Bezymenskhiy. He sounded in my K’go advised me to go to an appointment with Mikhail Ivanovich in his ears - Party card - “Only one small, one ticket is lost, 1 ip 1niz23? There was such a reception room, where they recorded and could a gaping failure in the heart of the party. Do you hear the party? " Utkin --i i. i trust M.I. It was a hot summer. I was exhausted and everything and so tender, I read about the hat, o my fur seal, o the patches thatute cried. I didn’t go to my relatives, I was ashamed, I didn’t put Malke on trousers and a vest. Ksenia fed me - she brought something from the dining room and Stands in front of my eyes and Lunacharsky - fast, ‘I iI’ ‘JC’ Lsisg. temperamental and spoke of young poets with love. About poetry, oh! Some tall uncle told me. He wrote - surname, name, our future life, about the happiness of being young. I was going home from the 1st place where I come from. He wrote, wrote and says - You are my countrywoman, not on foot (there was not a penny), or you were traveling in a crowded tram, aPi11ga. MU. will help you. Do not Cry. Go, go, and pushed me in the head verses rustled. The whole life is ahead and it must be lived like this, n’r’ilil’l. I’s office, where a beard bent at the desk. so as not to be ashamed … N '”’ Yes, and Issmolo came in and stood at the table, head down, he read everything, We were distributed. There was a contract, that is, recruitment to distant ’ 4111 Ugi the scribe wrote, then looked at me and said - “You are the edge. They gave out money and assigned to shops where we couldAt the mppopats, but I wanted to go to Mexico, you’ll have enough to do here - you can buy something good from clothes. Me and Nina Lapinari i u “to work in Birobidzhan. Everything will be fine. What, yours contracted, and I bought a woolen dress with some kind of red 1m. The caps are out? You already know everything well. Na!”, And gave me a bow , a Nina blue crepe de Chine dress. Preparing for Miygiu, tls bngo is written: "Rosalia Samuilovna Zemlyachka24. exams.рн1В. pssgpNew. M.I. Kalinin ". Thoughts swarmed in my head. And what if I went to the district committee and the hot avenue, ran to Red Square, the Komsomol20 and asked for underground work in Mexico? I1Ion {g and inik About narrow streets was placed NKRKI. Found. For the Congress Of the Comintern, I read page after page, and a tall gray-haired woman was sitting in the party town, thin, long skirt. I asked her - where is Zemlyachka, and in response she reached out and took a piece of paper from me. I didn’t have to say anything. She took up the telephone receiver and told me to sit down. I sat down on the edge of a chair and still did not believe that my torment was over. I remembered her conversation with the technical school. She told them - Give her a certificate, like everyone else, if she has good academic grades, immediately, and let me know. She looked into my face and said - Go to your technical school, there you will have everything. I didn’t even say goodbye, I ran to where I was cursed, where I hated everything. Everything was quiet around. Summer. Holidays. They all left. I am standing It was warm in the Craiso room, and we warmed up, rubbed our frostbitten cheeks and fingers and waited for the arrival of the staff and bosses. Our travel certificate was from the USSR People’s Commissariat of Agriculture. Divided lengthwise into 3 parts, it certified that I, Mostkova T.I., was sent to the disposal of Khabarovsk Kraiso for permanent work as an agronomist for vegetable growing. One part - the spine was left for me `on i; dent, one was sewn to the case in the personnel department and another was sent to the place of future work.

I {ac all three were sent to the Birobidzhan district, but for now y the teacher’s room and I’m afraid to open it. Suddenly the door opened, iii, they shook the director of the state farm Finkelstein to Pokrovka so that he and our head teacher would pull me with a happy smile and shake my hand, and they would accept. Station Pokrovka is the first station from Khabarovsk to congratulate, and he gives me a certificate that I graduated in 1930. There was organized a state farm, and his friend Efim c Moscow Garden and Garden College named after. We already met Timiryazev as a young man there, appointed agronomist of the state farm. We do not remember ourselves, I am flying to OZET25 - I am going to Birobidzhan. There, in practice. They fed us nourishingly in the dining room, taught us OZET, I feel happy - a lot of people are going, ri monday on horseback, we watched the seeds being prepared for sowing. specialists, and even more so from Moscow, say that there will be 1 Glshtein was a kind person, of small stature, and even a republic, but so far only a district, they immediately draw up documents, they give him a shy, undetectable person. We immediately fell in love with him and a little money, we invite him to a meeting led by! NU11 or. Nude young wife beautiful Galya charmed us all. Nam Smidovich, Kalinin’s deputy.iii aired neighbors - he left his wife and son and married her, I am going to Birobidzhan. My fees were short-lived. gn still a girl, the daughter of her mistress in the Crimean state farm, where the money received as a “contract”. those. an advance payment, Ii "about piiiiraa or work as an agronomist. dealt with in a moment. We were assigned a special store, where I bought myself a purple silk dress with a colorful bow and something else. Three of our technical school were traveling - Efim Breiter, Rivp Magidina and me . Efim managed to marry our fellow practitioner, but the course is younger, and she packed up with him and left before us. Me and Magidina, a kind fat woman, went later, rode in a carriage with young guys for 10 days, it was cold in the carriage, hard on a wooden shelf, but fun.

We arrived in Khabarovsk on February 12, 1931, early in the morning. (`` a bitter frost was going on. Our direction was to the Khabarovsk Kri yul 'The transport did not go yet, and we walked with our light load. On the way we were stopped by women and helped to rub our cheeks, because they were blazing from the frost - we All our clothes, especially footwear, corresponded to the Far East February frost


in’ilam y Malky, Faivel n Nachman’s grandfather. Vitebsk, 1931


We were patronized by the department manager, a powerful, gray-haired man, very handsome, who was once the manager of a landowner in the west, and now went to build a new republic of Jews in the Far East. We were dressed in wadded suits - quilted wadded trousers tucked into felt boots and quilted sweatshirts. The material is simple, dark cotton - it seemed to us that the suit suits us, and most importantly, it was comfortable and warm. And so the manager teaches me to saddle a horse, they are close in his hands. We flung open the heavy, wooden door, went into the hallway, and in front of us on the straw lay the owner of the house, who had been killed the day before by a felled tree in the forest. His wife and small children stood on either side. I did not have to sleep that night.

In the morning I went out into the yard. The frost was 20-25 degrees, but the Sun shone brightly and warmed up so that the cold caressed more than freezing. Caked and sparkling snow creaked underfoot, ii one could look into it like in a mirror. It was easy in my soul. hold the bridle, bridle the horse and jump at a quick leap. It’s the resettlement department told me that the horses from Waldheim were riding. You feel like the master of the situation, with pride in the services at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and so that you don’t miss them. You will be waiting for me, directing a fast horse wherever you want, and you are not afraid of the fast chairman of the collective farm Misha Shkolnik. ride, no gallop. Already breathtaking from the ride. With pride And so I go to work as an agronomist in the collective farm “Waldheim”, you go down and give the ends of the bridle to the manager, and in exchange for the local vegetable-growing farm, having received praise - “You will be an agronomist, you are not afraid, and n pilu, hotbeds, a small area of ​​newly developed land for a fine fellow.” We stroked the first tractors and warriors with tenderness. The collective farm has been living for 2 years and have been growing vegetables. 2 Chinese “Internationals”, who arrived at the state farm, sat down next to the farm, Volodya - old, dry, and Misha - a young, slender tractor driver, and even tried to turn on the speed, a then start "Ivipian, I will be an agronomist, ie I will lead them, and on the tractor itself. For the latter, it was necessary to have sufficient physical itching to learn a craft, business - I will master the richest strength. Accumulated by the local residents of these places - the Chinese with their days in Pokhrovka flew by quickly. Riva left to start Vegetable Cultivation. navigating the first steamer to the Amur Region as an agronomistH I am going to work with people, mainly former shtetl and collective farms. And I took a train back to the west to Tikhonkaya station, in 12ip1ri4k yyi, who came here to live, work, have their own km. from which there was a new Jewish resettlement stick; x1 A piece of bread, to raise children. People went through a lot on their Waldheim 7, where I was sent. We arrived at the station 1c K and had to come here to start a new life. Quiet already at night. We are passengers traveling by a local train!) ProIvykshis to the hard, physical labor of a peasant and to this station. On the way, which lasted 3-4 hours, allNN1Nh1M 'TM1KSLyIm climatic conditions. met. Where should I sleep, where should I go? There was not even such a question.

I remember how we went to a deserted little stappio, which, probably, not in vain was called “Quiet”. It was a frosty February night. I followed Canteen, and we came to a high porch where people were crowding. The windows were illuminated. Stolov got worried. He lived here without a family so far (about another he came from Minsk), but he had already settled down here and the weight